On the Road Again

June 8, 2011

After a slightly rocky start – which some say is a good omen on a road trip – we are back on the open road to Bonnaroo. We’re about a third of the distance to Manchester, TN. I slept for hours at first, and when I woke up we were having some unexpected car trouble. We tried four different auto parts stores before we found what we were looking for in Hazleton, PA – and by we, I mean Dave and Matt, since I (stereotypically) know nothing at all about cars. We were all a bit discouraged there for a minute but Hazleton pulled through with a last minute Hail Mary pass, and I for one – but I think all three of us – have had a little refresher course on the power of positive thinking. Group morale is higher than ever. Dave says he’s naming this car Hazle now, which is perfect anyway for a beige 1997 Cadillac. Now we’re sailing along in the marvelous late afternoon sunshine, which is even more of a blessing for us considering the dreary weather we’ve had all season in Boston. Matt is reading selections from I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski from the back seat and we’re listening to G Love, who I now plan to check out on the farm, thanks to Matt. I am so excited about all the new music I’m going to be exposed to this weekend. Few things in this world make me happier. Considering the exponential rise in the amount of live music I’ve been seeing (and more importantly being moved by, and FEELING) in the past year, I truly feel like im in a better space than I ever have been before to fully experience everything this festival has to offer. Also this is the first of the five years I’ve gone to Bonnaroo that I’ll have the advantage of having a smart phone, which is going to make it so much easier to remember music I discover and people I meet.

The countryside in Pennsylvania is unexpectedly beautiful, it’s taking my breath away as always. I keep getting all excited about the landscapes, the checkerboard farmland and green-gold fields dotted with tufts of trees like in a Bob Ross painting, and the deep grayish blue layers of the hills in the distance – all the colors look different out here. The novelty of it alone brings me so much joy. This trip always reminds me how badly I need to start doing some serious traveling. It always reminds me of a lot if things. Ever since my first time in 2007 I’ve felt almost religiously about this experience, for innumerable reasons. All year long, just like every other year, I’ve had a constant countdown in the back of my mind, and we are finally on the way there; the pilgrimage has begun. Matt and Dave are both first-timers – I can’t wait to see what they think. I hope they love it as much as I do. I hope I can help them out by sharing my experience. And I am so ready to learn everything Bonnaroo 2011 has to teach me.